Knit Techniques

Moss Sitch



Ribbed Eyelet

Loop Stitch


Fabric manipulation


Alexander McQueen


Issa, Balenciaga, Isaak Mizrahi



Jean Paul Gautier


Theme 3: Memories

Preserving memories - photographs, smiling, happy, family, friends, childhood momories, summer, travel.

 When I first thought of memories, I thought of old photographs. black and white images have a beauty to them, especially this image. I love the simplicity. 3 children on the beach. Many shapes and textures can be taken from the beach.






Sand castles.

I love the colours in this image. muted pastel colours really get the sense of happiness and sunshine that I would want to protray if i choose this theme for th rest of the project.

The same colour story is carried through to this image of the carosel.



I love how the light shines in this image. It lights up the field of what would otherwise be boring and over grown and turns it into something much more interesting.




Theme 2:Tribal

Tribes from around the world - colour, shapes, customs and rituals, neck pieces, piercings, family.

I find these traditional costumes, and all those of afriacn tribes very interesting. I clashing brights and original shapes are very eye catching. I think very interesting shapes can be found within the neck pieces and head pieces, as well as the patterns on the clothes themselves.

Bright colours.


Wooden and straw accessories.

Apologies about the bad quality of this image. It is of an African tribe chanting. many different tribes still exsist aroundd the world today, each with their own rituals and traditions. I like how because there is so many people in this image, it is almost creating a pattern in itself, which is very noticible in the tribal trends on the catwalks.

Theme 1:Decay

Food Decaying - Fruit, shrivels, shrinks, mould, soft textures, brown dark colours with a pop of colour.

In this page of my sketchbook i stuck in a dried out apple so I could always have the reference of the shape and texture when i see the images of the fruit.

I love this image. Between the colour, the shapes and the texture of the fruit themselves, this picture gives me so many ideas of where I could go with the rest of my project. 

The mould on the fruit has a very soft, fluffy texture. A mixture of bright and dark colours can be seen in these images. The mould creates very rounded shapes; almost like bubbles of colour.

Buildings decaying - abandoned, falling down, paint pealing, crust, dirty, delicate, dust, old.

The images I found to protray this as I see it gave me so many different colours, textures and shapes. I decided to focus on pealing paint as I think it gives me the most variety to work from.

In this image, all the layers of paint from the years before can be seen, giving us a sense of time and place. The paints curls as it dries out giving the usual flat surface a third dimension.

Ranking Project!

This week, for our first week of fashion, we have a research brief to do.

Research Area 1:

Research and develop potential ideas from these five words:

Research Area 2:
Investigate and research the following techniques;

Fabric manipulation:
Boning of Fabric

Knit techniques:
Ribs/Moss Stitch/Loop Stitch/Cables/Ladder Stitch
Simple lace
Four needle knitting, Tubular knitting
Five needle knitting, Circular medallion
Shaping, Increasing and Decreasing/Integrated shaping
striping and Intarsia

Let the fun begin....!