Theme 1:Decay

Food Decaying - Fruit, shrivels, shrinks, mould, soft textures, brown dark colours with a pop of colour.

In this page of my sketchbook i stuck in a dried out apple so I could always have the reference of the shape and texture when i see the images of the fruit.

I love this image. Between the colour, the shapes and the texture of the fruit themselves, this picture gives me so many ideas of where I could go with the rest of my project. 

The mould on the fruit has a very soft, fluffy texture. A mixture of bright and dark colours can be seen in these images. The mould creates very rounded shapes; almost like bubbles of colour.

Buildings decaying - abandoned, falling down, paint pealing, crust, dirty, delicate, dust, old.

The images I found to protray this as I see it gave me so many different colours, textures and shapes. I decided to focus on pealing paint as I think it gives me the most variety to work from.

In this image, all the layers of paint from the years before can be seen, giving us a sense of time and place. The paints curls as it dries out giving the usual flat surface a third dimension.

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