Mood board and final collection

More pages from my sketchbook...

My colour story for my designs...

And my final 6 piece collection ( the pictures didn't come out the best so I apologize!)

A few pages from my sketchbook :)

I've been meaning to upload of images of my work but I've been so busy recently I haven't got a chance. Here are a few pages taken from my sketchbook in which I was designing a 6 piece collection which was originally inspired by coral.

Even more shapes and silhouettes

I love these pieces by Iris Van Herpen! They are a mixture of different collections through the years.

Gareth Pugh

Some of these shapes resemble what I am working with in college.

Amaya Arzuaga

Amaya's S/S collection in 2010 was inspired by metamorphosis. I think looks very interesting with the different shapes and spirals creating different 3D silhouettes.