Highlights from Paris Couture Fall 2010

With Paris Couture Week arriving quickly I thought I'd have a recap of the highlights from last season.

Karl Lagerfeld’s magical show played out like a supernatural Byzantine fairytale. A gian pearl and a 45 foot lion were just some of the symbols that paid tribute to Coco Chanel.

Christian Dior
 His garden-variety goddesses, led by Karlie Kloss, seduced the Parisian audience with bold patches of violet, yellow, and pink. They twirled in hand-painted organza dresses, petal inspired skirts, and richly embroidered jackets. This collection was worthy of being a classical fairytale.

I personally loved this collection, it was possibly my favourite of all the haute couture collections last year. The most impressive feature of this collection was how even the most weighty, nude looks managed to exude the sensuality and sexiness the designer was going for, while staying true to the designer's gothic, dark tendencies.

Jean Paul Gautier
Jean Paul is famous for his impressive and innovative style and design talents and last year was no different.
The models came out holding cigarettes and wearing high twisted turbans, to portray the Parisian brothel crossed with Arabian chic inspiration for the collection.

Christophe Josse
A mixture of genres was clearly present at the collection. The line was truly dedicated to Romanticism but with subtle edgy touches; a short hem, rolled sleeves and electric bright whites graced the runway. The dresses were flowy, flirty and absolutely beautiful.

There was many other fantastic designers but I'd be here all day if I were to go through them all. I must say,. I'm really looking forward to seeing what these designers conjure up this season!

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